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A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To... My Career!
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   Individual Reader Comments:

“What an amazing read!  This book includes a wealth of information and tips for anyone seeking employment or in the midst of a Career Transition.  I have recommended the book to several job seekers as a manual for job search advice.”  Rachel B., TorontoJobs.ca

"As an experienced job developer, I’ve too often seen qualified people lose excellent job opportunities due to poor habits or actions that could have been avoided. Unfortunately, when job searching, one rarely receives the luxury of a second chance. Colin teaches job seekers the basics to follow in order to perform a results guaranteed job search, the first time around." - Patricia M.

"Your book was AWESOME! Your artwork really expressed the rules well and gave me a huge chuckle!!! Very funny! Being in the employment industry for over a decade, I must say that your book really brings a unique approach to informing job seekers about good tips to getting the job they want. Your humour was great to uplift the job seeker's spirit which is so needed when job searching! The book was also very well written. CONGRATULATIONS on your accomplishment Colin!!!" Bhavana V.

"I wish that I had a copy of "A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To...My Career!" when I began my career transition. Colin McClean's organized, thoughtful and practical tips will empower you to shine at every stage of the job search process. Whether you're in transition yourself, whether you know someone who is, or if you are interested in exploring a challenging new career, this book is essential reading." - Robert D.

"Colin has created a great little employment bible that has numerous take-away tips and tons of great humour. It's perfect for reinforcing what's important in finding your perfect career. This is a must read for everyone who is in transition in their employment!" - Curt S.

"In a down economy and a time where newspapers are drowning us in negative, this is refreshing." -

Ron S.

"I just finished previewing Colin’s book. Fun! He has such a nice energy in his cartoons and writing style ... very motivating and inspiring." Audrey H.


"Yes, most folks remember funny things much easier than anything else." - Shelley L.

"Tickles the funny bone and helpful, 'poof' positive..." - Sarah Jane D.

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Average of All Previewers: 5 out of 5 stars!


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