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                 Marvin and Colin are all smiles... and hope you will be too!


About the Author and Illustrator:

Colin A. McClean (ColinMcClean.com) is an Author, Career Blacksmith(KeepMovingForward.ca) and Motivational Speaker who is committed to "Challenging You to Grow, Overcome Obstacles and Achieve Your Goals". He is also an illustrator whose works have appeared in children's books as well as in local, national and international publications.

Colin specializes in employment services where he helps job seekers develop the skills and confidence to find work. Colin is experienced in providing individual coaching and leading workshops on job hunting and career change.

"I've witnessed the desperation of people who have been without work for a long time. I have also seen the elation of people - armed with the right information - who find work. These are people who've not only found work, but the perfect job they've been seeking - even in today's market."

Colin has now applied his knowledge of job search practices with his gift for sharing laughter in A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To... My Career!

"I want this book to help more people experience that sense of contentment you get when you've prepared your best and landed the ideal job. I always encourage people to stay positive, keep moving forward and looking upwards!"

About the Main Character:

Marvin is the fictional lead character in A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To… My Career! 


Marvin’s looking for his ideal job. He wants to make a career change from self-professed “ladies man” and job drifter to a gainfully employed and contributing member of society.  His heart is certainly in the right place, but his job searching skills leave much to be desired. 


Marvin has made a lot of mistakes, but he knows that it’s only through trial, error and perseverance that he’ll succeed. In the end Marvin does land his perfect job. He’s now determined to help you do the same, by showing you exactly what he did wrong and helping you avoid some common job hunting pitfalls!


Marvin knows that if you adopt the right attitude, get the right information and then apply what you’ve learned, you’ll land the right job too!